Joaquin Phoenix: Hip Hop Cash, Music Video Director & Incredible Actor

Joaquin Phoenix’s crazy, unexplained behavior from the past four years was all fake. According to his ‘I’m Still Here’ film maker and brother-in-law, Casey Affleck, Phoenix’s controversial behavior was all a hoax.

Tina Fey’s and Steve Martin’s lines while presenting the screenwriting awards were among my personal favorite. For instance, Tina Fey says “it recently been said to write is to stay at forever”. Cut to Steve Martin, “the man who said the actual reason dead”. Later, Tina Fey starring at Steve Martin to which he responds “do not fall in love with me”.

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This “Ugly Bat Boy” ruse is Joaquin’s greatest yet. He hangs around a veterinarian’s office, gets petted by pretty ladies, eats just changing Fancy Feast as he wants, and sleeps all day long. Plus I hear that catnip is incredible (aw, I didn’t remember. He’s not actually a pussy-cat. But who needs drugs having a life such as this?). I must say, I enjoy this version of joker123 hack best, while he keeps his mouth closed.

AB: The Kills were great. Enjoyed The Kills’ set. I caught Monarchy. I haven’t heard of them, I saw them Friday night and I watched them have a show, it amazing. Arcade Fire was great yesterday evening. I watched black friday 2010 Keys, nevertheless the sound was off for that first half of their show. It was pretty sad, but they are a great live band. I missed Odd Future because I was on the road, but Justin caught them. Tonight- The Strokes, The National, Duran Duran, I’m bound to effort to get any in.

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Throughout the course of the season, Mesnick played the finalists, Molly Malaney and Melissa Roycroft off each other, letting them know that he was for each other with another. But at last rose ceremony, he proposed to Melissa. Then came the shocking twist within live finale in that they broke off his engagement to Melissa, claiming to still get in love with Molly.

What are your thoughts about Joaquin Phoenix’s behavior for ‘I’m Still Here’ as being a hoax? Are you finding that this can be a movie worth seeing? Leave your comments below.

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